About us - The team

Paul Laycock

Paul is the driving force behind
High Country Droughtmasters success.
With a lifelong passion for cattle breeding and production and a wealth of knowledge
when it comes to business management, marketing and client relationships, he has seen his vision come to fruition. 


He strives to exceed our clients expectations and ensure they have success with High Country genetics.

Paul is a past President of the Droughtmaster Association.

Neil Donaldson

Neil is the Business Manager for both High Country Droughtmasters and High
Country Livestock Supplements.

He has 21 years experience as the Droughtmaster Society CEO plus a 20 year career as a cattle buyer, agent and auctioneer.

Neil brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the organisation.

Lisa Laycock

Lisa brings experience both as a Veterinarian and member of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians as well as years working as an
Animal Nutritionist.


She sees on a daily basis the importance of fertility, nutrition, health and structural soundness and their effects on a breeding
enterprises profitability.


An advocate for forage based nutrition for gut, joint and hoof health, morphology testing, DNA analysis and producing healthy,
practical cattle with longevity.

Travis Enks

Travis manages our hay farm at Esk, ensuring the production of quality forage both for High Country Droughtmasters as well as hay offered through High Country Livestock Supplements.

He has recently overseen the implementation of Improved irrigation, allowing us to increase our hay and silage production. 

Steph Laycock

Currently studying Agriculture and Business at University, Steph’s passion for cattle and beef
production is palpable.


She is involved in all aspects of the stud including animal health, selection, genetics, growth and development, breeding objectives as well as breaking in and preparing our show cattle.

She also works in operations for High Country Livestock Supplements and runs her own herd, High Country ‘S’ Droughtmasters. 

Lachlan Young

Lachlan is heavily involved in the forage production for our cattle as well as delivering product for High Country Livestock Supplements.


Cory Kruger

Cory is ïnvolved heavily with sale bull and herd management, animal health, management decisions, bull selection and preparation.

He has also been in sole charge of the design and construction of our new steel yards. He has built it all by hand and it is impressive,
completely transforming our day to day operations.

He also runs his own stud, “Corolla Droughtmasters” at Toogoolawah.