Past Sires


Sire: Comanche Chief
Dam: Glenlands 4743

We purchased Glenlands Quarry, Lot 1 from 2013 Glenlands sale for $16000.


At 31 months, he weighed 1050 kgs with an EMA of 137 and scans of 17 and 13 and scrotal circumference of 39.5. Amongst his many show winnings, he was the calf champion at Beef 2012 and was thick and long and stood on excellent bone. He had a very tidy underline and showed impressive mobility for a bull of this size.  


Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 90% normal. 

Poll status : Polled PH


SIRE: Huntly Iceman
DAM: Minlacowie Julliette 6668 

Originally sold to 3D Droughtmaster in 2013, he was offered to us when 3D had kept the majority of his heifers and could no longer use him. We jumped at the chance. He has grown into a massive bull,  1160 kg with a brilliant underline, good polled head, strong bone and excellent feet and has left behind a wealth of soft, deep, magnificent heifers with his brilliant temperament.


He was sold for stud duties.


Semen morphology 85%

Polled status : Polled PP



SIRE: Clonlara Digger

DAM: Clonlara 1250


Chosen specifically to breed us replacement females, this higher content youngster has excellent semen quality with 95% crush side and 87% normal morphology.


He also has an outstanding +8 EBV for milk, another trait that we select highly for in our breeder herd. He has the highly sought after combination of loose skin, great tropical coat, whilst still maintaining a tidy underline. He bred us an outstanding line of females at our co-operative herd. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 87% normal.

Polled status : Polled PH


SIRE:Valera Vale Bruiser 301
DAM:Valera Vale 9804

Purchased as a 17 month old  for use over heifers. He caught our eye with his softness, thickness, strong homozygous polled head, length and exceptionally good sheath and sealed the deal with his impeccable temperament. 


He was used in staggered matings both at High Country and at our co-operative breeders and held up brilliantly. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 87% normal.

Polled status :  Polled PP


Sire: Billabong Ridley
Dam: Kapalee Jealousy 9

Chosen as an outstanding weaner, Conqueror showed all of the muscling and strong topline of his sire, whilst maintaining length, overall structural correctness and an outstanding temperament. He had an excellent sheath and testicles and was extremely fertile with a crush side semen test of 90%.


Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 88% normal 

Polled status : Polled PP