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Sire: Glenlands D Rambo
Dam: Glenlands 10312

We purchased a 3/4 share in Whynot for $47500 at the 2018 Glenlands Sale. Glenlands have retained a 1/4 semen share. Our lot 1 purchase, he was an absolute standout and showing the stamp that his Dual RNA Champion sire Rambo puts on his progeny.


22 months, 914 kgs, EMA 143, Fats 14/11, IMF 5.3. With greats like Maximillion, K.B., Kipper and Federation up close on the pedigree, he is bred in the purple. Bone, length, muscle, power and a bombproof temperament, he is an exciting addition. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology 83% normal.

Poll status : Scurred PH



Sire: Glenlands Quartermaster
Dam: Glenlands Olympia

Purchased for $42,500 at the 2019 Glenlands Sale. An explosive and an exceptional prospect. Genetically blessed. Bred in the purple and from a dam that’s quickly rewriting records.  What a future. Bone, balance, coat, thickness and extension. His major broad ribbon win include Brisbane Royal 2019 Reserve Junior Champion Bull and the Calf Champion at this years Wandoan Feature Show.

19 months, 811 kgs, EMA 133, ADG 1.34, Fats 10/7, IMF 4, scrotal 44.5 cm. 

Pompes/PI negative

Poll status : Scurred PH



Sire: Glenlands Resolution
Dam: Glenlands 13574 

We purchased a 3/4 share in Ventura for $15000 at the 2018 Glenlands sale. Glenlands have retained a 1/4 semen share. A Comanche Chief grandson and with a pedigree containing Macquarie, Swan 1636 and Talgai 730.


Strong backline, standing on outstanding bone and with impressive thickness, he will stamp his calves. 29 mths, 986 kgs, 146 EMA, 42 scrotal.


Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology 73%

Poll status : Horned HH



SIRE: Billabong Xavier

DAM: Balmoral Ridge Kate


Stud sire appeal, presence, length, depth, mobility and softness oozes from this bull. A standout since a calf, his outstanding growth

rate together with his strong breed characteristics and structural correctness made him an impressive sire.


He has been judged by many including David Bassingthwaite from Yarrawonga Waco Santa Gertrudis who said” He stands on good bone with incredible thickness through the spine to the hindquarter with excellent depth of body, good tropical skin and strong breed character”


Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 82% normal

Poll status : Scurred PH 




Sire: Glen Fosslyn Idol
Dam: Nelma Beauty

Our choice for retention this year. He is an outstanding son of Glen Fosslyn Idol from his first drop of calves. Retained for his scale, growth for age ( 800kgs at 19 months), perfect underline, strong polled head, thickness, perfect feet and legs, 41 cm scrotal circumference and his bomb proof temperament. A worthy addition to our sire battery.

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 71% normal. 

Poll status : Homozygous polled PP



Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Fancy Sunday

We purchased a 3/4 share in Rambo for $15000 at the 2018 DN sale. Bryvonlea retained a 1/4 semen share. Sired by the $50000 Wilfred, we had been searching for a Wilfred son with the right mix of carcass attributes and tropical skin.


Rambo ticked all of the boxes and is a powerhouse of bone and muscle with a strong sires presence. A 27 month, milk tooth bull, he weighed 964 kgs, EMA 147, SC 40.5, homozygous polled. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology 87% normal.

Polled status: Polled PP


SIRE: Lamont Inmate 
DAM: Oasis Retreat

Chief was our $25000 purchase. Sired by the outstanding and highly sought after Lamont Inmate, he had all the traits we were chasing. Incredibly rare to find, he has the combination of heavy bone, brilliant underline together with length and a polled head.


Chief is the unique mix of all of these traits. 28 months, 926 kgs, 44 scrotal circumference, 140 eye muscle area and 15/10 in the fat. 


Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 93% normal. 

Poll status : Polled PH



SIRE: F.C.C. Archer
DAM: Oasis Hope

Sire of our $27000 First Rate, Wallace has exceeded our expectations. He is producing both brilliant bulls and heifers with his strong head and broad muzzle, all polled and quiet. Good sheaths, thickness and excellent semen quality.  
We believe he will give some real punch to his calves. At 28 months, he was 922 kgs, with fat of 14 and 10, EMA of 138 and scrotal of 41 cm.  

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 88% normal. 

Poll status : Polled PP


SIRE: GF Exelby
DAM: GF Empress 7

Idol was purchased for $16500 as the top priced Glen Fosslyn bull at the 2015 sale. We were immediately impressed with his perfect sheath, strong polled head and overall structural correctness. He stands on excellent feet and bone, is well fleshed, but with great softness and a brilliant temperament. 

He has Breedplan figures in the top 5% of the breed for 400 & 600 day EBV's. He has matured in to a massive sire. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 94% normal.

Poll Status : Polled PP 


Sire: Anglezed Commandante
Dam: Lorayne Ria

Energiser was purchased as a calf at foot at the Fortrus dispersal. As he developed, we knew we had something special.


Conformationally perfect, long, above average frame and good weight for age, with beautiful balance, length hip to pin, tidy underline and standing on excellent legs and feet. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 93% normal. 

Poll status : Polled PH



SIRE: Vale View Roper
DAM: Bundy Ariat


Eldorado was purchased from the 2016 DN Sale for $30000. Outstanding growth for age, length, softness and skin, with an incredibly strong head, perfect underline and great legs and feet.


An incredible young sire he boasts 967 kg at 23 months of age with fats 14/13, EMA of 131 snd 38.5 scrotal.

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 91% normal.

Poll status : Polled PH


Sire: Medway Oombabeer
Dam: Locarno Bronte

Purchased for $20000 at the 2017 DN sale. What a standout! At only 22 months, this young bull got our attention with his perfect polled head, brilliant underline and temperament and sealed the deal with his excellent weight for age 850kgs and impressive 142 EMA and 42 scrotal and 94% morphology.


Not overdone, with fats of 14 & 10, his thickness, smoothness through the shoulders and excellent feet makes him an exciting addition to our sire battery. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 95% normal

Poll Status: Polled PP


Sire: Lynsey Park Vernon
Dam: Valera Vale 11386

This bull has a commanding sires presence in the paddock. Free moving, active and with an impressive libido, he really works the paddock and will get the calves. Powerful, with a strong head, hooded eyes, a tidy underline and wrapped in the perfect tropical coat. 

His figures are just as impressive, at 22 months, this milk tooth bull was 824 kg with a 131 eye muscle, fats 14 and 14, 5.2% IMF and 42 scrotal. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 89% normal

Polled status: Polled PH


Sire: Valera Vale Factor
Dam: Valera Vale 14370

Purchased as the top priced bull $14000 at the 2018 Valera Vale Sale. Impressive carcass figures together with his length, polled head, excellent underline, strong broad backline and thickness made him a clear choice. He will be used exclusively over heifers. 

His figures - 22 months, 824 kg, lifetime ADG 1.39 kgs, fats 16 & 15, EMA 130, scrotal 40 cms, IMF 5.2.

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 87% normal.

Polled status : Polled PH


Sire: Billabong Winday
Dam: Anglezed 3105

One we have decided to retain this year from Ivan and Carols Coes Creek co-operative breeder herd. Sired by Billabong Winday ( by Billabong Winchester ) and with Kapalee Goldfinger, Angle Zed Commandante and Durack Quartpot up close. He is homozygous polled, weighs over the tonne, with heavy bone, a massive frame, tidy underline, 80% morphology, an excellent tropical coat and bombproof temperament.

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 80% normal.

Polled status : Scurred PP.


Sire: Billabong Winchester 
Dam: Billabong November 2nd 

Billabong Castlemaine was purchased as a calf at foot at the Billabong dispersal specifically to source one of the last Billabong bloodlines we were still chasing. Sired by Billabong Winchester, this young calf has exceeded our expectations and will be retained as a sire.

Showing incredible bone, fleshing and sire appeal, he is currently 607 kgs at 16 months and will be joined this year to selected females. We look forward to his first calf drop next year.


Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 70% normal.

Polled status : Scurred PH.



SIRE: Glenlands Quarry
DAM: Lake Moogerah TR631 

An outstanding son of Glenlands Quarry, we retained him from our 2015 drop. Long, incredible thickness, heavily hooded eyes, tidy underline, perfect legs and feet. He is out of a very fertile cow that never missed a beat, with a wonderful udder and temperament she passed on to Factor.


At two years of age, he has EBV's in the top 5% of the breed, 200 days +19, 400 days +28, 600 days +40, milk +5. He had a scrotal circumference of 38 cm and an EMA of 138.

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology 89% normal.

Polled status : Scurred PH 


Sire: Waringle Stationhand
Dam: Wundaburra Notice - Me

A Glenlands Maranoa grandson, he was first spotted as an 18 mth old and admired for his thickness, with an outstanding thick, hindquarter, strong polled head and faultless underline. He carries impressive carcass statistics on a very well structured and sound frame.


Homozygous polled, at 24 months, he was 964 kgs, with an EMA of 138 and crush side semen of 90%. A muscle filled, active and modern young sire.

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology 77% normal

Polled status : Polled PP


Sire: Yaralla Norton
Dam: Yaralla 127/2

Purchased at the 2017 DN sale for $22000. His overall structural correctness and carcass traits made him an obvious and worthy acquisition for us. An impressive youngster, polled, 23 months, 45.5 scrotal, 85% motility, 132 EMA, fats 13 & 8, weight 734 kgs.


Perfect legs, feet and mobility and selected from a herd known for their excellence in both commercial hoof and hook competitions as well as their strong emphasis on fertility. We look forward to seeing his first calves. 

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 70% normal

Polled status: Polled PH


SIRE:Valera Vale Big time 362
DAM:Valera Vale 08047

Purchased from Valera Vale after many very successful years as one of their main sires. Factor has been an outstanding performer. A very quiet, high growth, easy doing yellow bull who left a great legacy in the herd before we purchased him. He was the sire of  their 2018 and 2019 top priced bulls. 

The Valera Vale herd has a long history of producing efficient, fertile, productive cattle that have shown their ability to handle the toughest of conditions. We welcome Factor and his first calves will arrive 2019.

Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology tested 87% normal.

Polled status :  Polled PH



SIRE: Billabong Ridley

DAM: Karragarra Gillian


Colossal was sold to Rockside Droughtmasters in 2014 and he was one of two Billabong Ridley bulls that we were impressed with that year. As Ridley is now deceased, we grabbed him quick when he came back up for sale and he will work along side Conqueror to carry on the Ridley line. Like his sire, he has brilliant semen quality, strong polled head, is long with a great underline and excellent eye muscle.


Pompes/PI negative

Semen morphology 88% normal.

Polled status : Polled PH

Sires utilised through our co-operative breeders



SIRE: Billabong Winchester

DAM: Billabong Monday


An outstanding son of the successful Billabong Winchester. His frame,
length, structural correctness and tidiness, together with his excellent temperament makes him an impressive sire.


A light honey coloured bull, his calves are born small and grow rapidly. We have access to his genetics through Ivan and Carol Hayes co-operative herd. Has sold bulls to $21,000.


Pompes/PI negative

Morphology not tested.

Polled status : Polled PH



SIRE: Billabong Nevada

DAM: Billabong 4302


Utilised through Ivan and Carol Hayes co-operative herd, this Billabong Nevada son, shares the same sire with Billabong Xavier. Long, thick, excellent bone and with a strong backline, he is throwing tremendous
lines through both his bulls and females.

Has sold bulls to $15,000.

Pompes/PI negative

Morphology not tested.

Polled status : Polled PH