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Oasis Wallace.jpg

Oasis Wallace is homozygous polled and has a very strong masculine head with a broad muzzle and forehead.


He was purchased for $15000 and has produced some outstanding heifers and bulls for us. Heifers are very feminine with perfect underlines and very maternal. Bulls have brilliant semen morphology, his strong head and plenty of skin and softness. 

Pompes and PI Free, Horn poll tested PP, DNA profiled, Morphology tested.

First rate.jpg

High Country First Rate $27000 to Munda Reds


High Country Industrial $18000 to the Thompson family


High Country Fairy Floss Interbreed female champion

High Country Fudge - 2016 sale heifer

High Country Wallace heifer with calf at foot


High Country Inquisition - 2020 sale bull

Ferdinand small.jpg

High Country Ferdinand - 2017 sale bull


High Country Hardy - 2020 sale bull