Oasis Chief has been brilliant for us. Purchased for $25000, he is exceptional for adding length to cattle, to clean up underlines and for increasing frame. He is like a good wine and has continued to improve with age, looking even better now then when we purchased him. 


He has an impressive libido and is excellent over heifers with calves being born very small. We have kept a number of heifers from him and udders and milk production are good. 


Pompes and PI Free, Horn poll tested PH, DNA profiled, Morphology tested.

High Country Genius - 2018 sale bull

High Country S Golden Gaytime - 2018 BEEF

High Country heifer calf

2018 sale heifer

High Country Homestead - 2019 sale bull

High Country S Golden Gaytime - 2017 Toogoolawah Reserve Champion female

A group of Cheif calves 

2018 heifer